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Difficult to hone yourself


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Why we picked it

Well-made and upscale

Best Folding pocket knife

Benchmade utilizes CPM S30V steel for the North Fork, which is viewed as extraordinary compared to other steels accessible for edge maintenance and erosion opposition. You’ll see the quality — regardless of how much cardboard we hacked through in testing, the North Fork felt similarly as sharp as when we got it.

The North Fork’s good looking dim wood handle prevailed upon us instantly (it’s additionally accessible with a G10 handle, a high-weight fiberglass cover); it’s a decent respite from the ocean of strategic dark and cool steel that rule folding knife structure.

Smooth opening

This blade has the most pleasant opening and shutting systems of any blade we tried. The thumb stud pulls the cutting edge open with no exertion; yet it likewise has a spring biasing it to the shut position, so you never need to stress over it coming open incidentally.

We cherish Benchmade’s restrictive Axis bolt, as well. It just takes a speedy swig down on the locking stud to discharge the sharp edge. Benchmades were by a long shot the most straightforward blades to close that we tried, and they additionally felt the most secure — you never need to put your fingers in the way of the blade to close it.


Agreeable hold

At 3.9 inches, the North Fork’s general length is right amidst every one of the blades we tried. Regardless of the span of our analyzers’ hands, they all detailed a similar thing: this was a smooth and agreeable blade that didn’t forfeit any grasp.

Item Card-Benchmade-North-Fork-for-Pocket-Knife

Lifetime guarantee and honing administration

Benchmade covers every one of their blades with a lifetime guarantee and honing administration — simply transport it back to them and they’ll tune it up and get it back to plant sharpness. Which means the North Fork could be the main folding knife you’ll require.

Focuses to consider

Difficult to hone yourself

With top of the line steel this way, there is somewhat of an exchange off: all in all, the more a cutting edge keeps its edge, the harder it is to hone. However, since it’s secured with a lifetime guarantee and honing administration, Benchmade will deal with that for you on the off chance that you deliver it in.


Astounding materials frequently prompt a higher cost, similar to the case with the North Fork. Yet, since it might simply be the main blade you have to purchase (and we believe it’s the best folding knife available), we’re persuaded its $140 sticker price is justified, despite all the trouble.